Power to merchandisers
Automate every merchandising task with an incredibly simple, ‘drag-and-drop’ merchandising dashboard.
Rule-based merchandizing
Wow your customers by showcasing your best products.
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Create filter and sort rules
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Pin products to specific positions
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Promote/demote products in search results
Curated landing pages
Handcraft an experience for your customers. Unbxd helps merchandisers create custom landing pages with just a few clicks (I dare you to find an easier way to do it!). Curate these pages by applying filter/sort rules and promoting better performing products.
Merchandizing banners
Merchandising offers are a catalyst for customer conversions. Display these offers to customers with merchandising banners. Plan your campaigns by choosing the queries that trigger these banners.
Synonyms & dynamic filters
Add synonyms for site search and eliminate the instances of zero search results. Dynamic filters learn from your data and only show the most important filters for each query. Our merchandising dashboard lets you control all this intelligence.
An analytics control room
Measure every metric that matters with a detailed but intuitive analytics dashboard.
Conversion funnel
Recognize conversion patterns. Track conversions for site search in its entirety and for each search query as well. Use this data to identify optimization opportunities and fix the leaky funnels across your site.
Top searches
Identify top searches across your site as well as the most clicked products per search. Use this data to make product and merchandising decisions.
Zero result queries
Zero results are like a stop sign and can dramatically increase exit rates. Stay informed about your zero result and low performing queries so they can be optimized.
Easy, 3-step integration
Our easy cloud-based solution helps you get started painlessly. To start using Unbxd's Search, all you need to do is
Upload your Product Catalogue Feed
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Set Up User Interaction Tracking
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Integrate Unbxd Site Search using our RESTful API